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Welcome to Flushd!

Flushd started as a conversation over the dinner table, about a very inappropriate dinner topic. The app was originally conceived as PottyPortal, a place to “entertain the masses sitting on their asses”. As we dove down that dark hole into the bowels of the business, we discovered that this was mostly untouched territory. We found a huge gap in bathroom appreciation and exploration on the internet - there needed to be a place to tackle potty talk in a constructive, productive, pleasurable, and professional manner. There needed to be Flushd.

September 17, 2013

Leaky Ladies

Ok ladies, here's the straight scoop on that embarassing little bit of dribble you may experience when you cough, sneeze, jump, yell or simply don't make it to the bathroom quick enough. Ugh, embarrassing, right??? The medical term for this irritating, unintentional gush of pee is "incontinence". If you leak, know that you are not alone! Mothers, sisters, daughters, BFFs across the world are secretly leaking as you read this! So, it is a common unpleasantry and it is more likely to occur in women who have experienced one or more vaginal births. Or ladies who struggle with their weight, who smoke (damn smokers cough) or who have low estrogen levels (yes, the dreaded menopause).

August 13, 2013