Flushd Labs

No one takes this sh*t as seriously as we do. NO ONE.

What can we say?  Continually operating on the edge of the toilet seat isn't clean living,  but we at Flushd are not afraid to go where no app has gone before.  And so we present to you Flushd Labs, a committed group of bathroom pioneers dedicated to making your bathroom experience easy and fun.

Whether we are out finding you the perfect bathroom factoid for your dinner potty (um...party) talk, scouring the globe for the world's most wonderful bathroom location or toiling endlessly on new and innovative app features, think of the Flushd Labs team as your friendly guardian angel guiding you on your journey to bathroom awesomeness.  Don't worry, we are not watching you or anything.  Promise.

Keep an eye out for new features and we look forward to being at your disposal as we all work together to make the world's bathrooms a better place, one toilet at a time.