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August 01, 2013

The Dreadful Drip

Having a member has it's privileges. One of those privileges is the ability to take a leak while standing. Taking a standing piss is certainly an easy task that most of us master by an early age. The process is quite simple. Unzip, pull out the penis, urinate, give it a few shakes and put it back. Don't forget to zip up your fly of course once your penis is out of harms way. Simple.

But, sometimes the dreadful drip appears. Despite the shake, a few drops of urine manages to leak out just as you pull away from the urinal. Now you may have a visible wet spot on the front of your pants or a wet zone in your underwear for the next hour or maybe even both. Why does this happen? You definitely gave the penis a good shake to get those last few drops out. Where did they come from? Do you need to shake your penis even harder? Is your penis shake technique incorrect?

This annoying event is something that most men have experienced. It may even be a recurring problem. It actually has a name in the medical world...post-void dribbling.

Post-void dribbling is a common problem that can occur at any age. It tends to occur more frequently in older men but it certainly may annoy the young member owner as well. What causes post-void dribbling you ask? In most cases it is simply a few drops of urine that were not given ample time to exit the urine tube before putting your penis away. A more rigorous post-urination penis shake may be helpful here but usually gravity is all that's needed. Taking a few extra moments at the urinal to relax and allow those few drops of urine to make their way out of your member is often the most effective solution to this problem.

In some cases, post-void dribbling may be due to an enlarged prostate gland or urethral abnormality. If the problem occurs often and causes significant bother you should consult a urologist. Urologists are penis experts who should be able to diagnose and treat the problem.

So there you have it. The dreadful drip explained. Now put this bathroom knowledge to good use. Give yourself a few extra minutes at the urinal. Shake that penis like you mean it. Use those few minutes at the urinal to express your gratitude for having a pecker. Imagine how life would be without a penis. While you relish in the glorious fact that you were given the privilege of owning a penis, allow gravity to do it's job. Give it another shake and maybe even say "thank you penis". If the problem continues do your penis a favor and take him to the urologist.

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