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October 11, 2013

Why Here, Why Now?

What is it about bathrooms and being terrified? There's just something about them. Whether it is a leaky faucet that sends chills down your spine, or that one recurring nightmare you have about falling into the flushing toilet, there's something downright creepy about a bathroom at night. And if you're in Japan or Korea, you learn to hold it till you get home if the urge to pee strikes late.

Something about those squat-toilets make them prime places for hauntings. We're at our most defenseless, our pants are literally down, and it makes us so easy to scare the crap out of.

In New York, the bathroom urban legends are downright tame compared to Tokyo. On the east-coast the worst you can get is a rat, snake or aligator coming up through your plumbing. In Japan, sometimes little girls ask you about colored toilet paper and then kill you depending on your answer. In Japan, sometimes you encounter a woman without legs in a stall who cuts you in half. In Japan, there's a ghost that lives in that squat toilet and is just waiting for your unsuspecting genitalia to come within reach.

And of course, there's the ghoul that just eats up filth. Some good, some bad.

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