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June 07, 2014

Dirty Diapers.  Done Dirt Cheap.

I'm gonna say it once people.... Moms, dads, caregivers- take your kid's dirty diapers with you....

It's 2014, attractive, fresh-scented odor neutralizing bags are available to at least partially temper the odor of your kids crap. There are even environmentally friendly selections.

Here's how it works: Get your kid cleaned up and changed.  Place the dirty (we're talking poop here) diaper in an appropriate bag (not of an insufficient plastic grocery variety). Place that bag in your personal bag. Walk away with your kiddo and their muddied diaper in a bag in your bag. Do not leave your kid's full of feces diaper in any public restroom for others to savor. It's tacky and oh so stinky. Important note: remember to remove the diaper from your bag once at a more appropriate location- like your home. Forgetting may be fatal. This has been a public service announcement.

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